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No Longer
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
My Icons
My Best Friend- :iconfear-immortal:
My Best Friend - :iconraiikka:
My Best Friend - :iconshineyla:

:iconvash-thumbsup-plz: - When I see porn pictures
:iconvash-scream-plz: - When I see something scary
:iconvash-laugh-plz: - When I feel cocky
:iconbishievashplz: - When I feel bishie.
Requestehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by PulseFlux
Darak by AgCNO
Lucia New 12 by renolamoi
Bastard Baby sketch by SakuraYagami
Commision by 54343543
Base (commision) by sombra222
Stamp: Don Valentino by Infell
DarkRiss Commissions
DarkRiss by Maleek-Phillips 1
Princess DarkRiss and Queen Merici by Maleek-Phillips 2
DarkRiss is Tired by Kokoblu 3
Girls by Maleek-Phillips 4
DarkRiss and Darkarmy COLLAB! by Maleek-Phillips 5
Gunner DarkRiss and Jessica by Maleek-Phillips 6
Darkrisses Pencil by Kokoblu 7
Oc Goth Lolita Project [COMPLETED] by amadarian 8
GET BACK TO WORK! by Maleek-Phillips 9
DarkArmy Picture for MaleePhillips by Jinusaki 10
Challenge accepted! by amadarian 11
.:Dark Riss:. by MissDeville991 12
Darkarmy fan art by MissDeville991 13
:thumb289976259: 14
Fear-Immortal's Halloween contest Sub #4 by amadarian 15
Darkriss by 143anime 16
Darkriss by 143anime 17
Darkriss Bedroom by Fear-Immortal 18
Belle and DarkRiss by Maleek-Phillips 19
Darkriss by Fear-Immortal 20
Chibi DarkRiss by Fear-Immortal 21
:thumb292893777: 22
:thumb372937650: 23
.: Commision - Kokoblu :. by Chocolaite 24
Darkriss by RKMR-x 25
Darkriss (OCTAVIA) by Kokoblu 26
Commission~*~DarkRiss~* by Shockwave05 27
:thumb380019425: 28
Darkriss by cikicecream 29
Request #11 by misscassie333 30
Darkriss by Rimoluna4213 31
:thumb381160524: 32
:thumb381555438: 33
For KoKoBlu by KennEds 34
Clip (2013-06-29 At 10.38.19) by Kokoblu 35
DarkRiss by PulseFlux 36
DarkRiss (Request) by xSlimJadey 37
DarkRiss ~Drawing Request~ by Hiyoko-chi 38
DarkRiss by Mippi55 39
DarkRiss(Request) by YukiHayate 40
DarkRiss (fanart) by Karuske 42
:thumb387938674: 43
DarkRiss by Mister-PigCry 44
Trick Or Treat by Tomoyastar 45
Kokoblu Request: Sleepy Darkriss by Jax102 46
Request 5 by untitled1000 47

Victoria Commissions
Victoria DESU by Kokoblu 48
Victoria SwimSuit by Kokoblu 49
Rocky Victoria by Kokoblu 50
A little help here? by Kokoblu 51
Drawing for -Kokoblu- by Docete-do-L 52
:thumb389186050: 53
Victoria (request) by Mureaux 54
Victoria (request) (color) by Mureaux 55
victoria by kuuchan12300 56
Kokoblu Request- Victoria by SakuraRockCafe 57
:thumb399732620: 58

Darkriss and Victoria Commissions
Darkriss and VICTOOORRIA~ by Fear-Immortal 59
:thumb387067987: 60
BFF! I think not.. by Fear-Immortal 61
:thumb387728850: 62
:thumb388057030: 63
:thumb391260865: 65
Darkriss x Victoria by CowsEat-Pineapples 66

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